Owner Finance Lease To Own Charlotte NC

Owner financed houses or homes in its most simple terms means that the owner of the property will be the one financing the property for you instead of (in most cases) requiring you to go to a mortgage company to get a loan to purchase the home. Once a deal has been consummated you will make your payments to the "owner" instead of a bank. That is the single biggest difference between owner financing and typical bank financing.

owner finance charlotte

Because the owner is financing the home for you they can be much more flexible on terms including the interest rate and down payment amount etc. These are all negotiable from the purchase price to length of the loan as well as interest rate and many other components of the loan. As with conventional loans with a bank many people seem to believe that these terms are set in stone when they are not even with banks you can always negotiate terms and any component of the loan you desire however most people do not and just accept what they are offered which is a mistake since you have the potential to lose many thousands of dollars over the course of the loan when you could just as easily save that same amount.

There are several real estate companies as well as individuals who are offering houses and homes with owner financing as a way to fill up many vacancies that have occurred in today's real estate marketplace. You simply need to search for them and you do not have to look very hard since they are in all the local newspapers as well as the internet and available through real estate agents and brokers throughout the USA. Many bargains are to be had since conventional financing methods are much more difficult than they were even a few years ago.

If you are looking to get a home and can't or won't go through conventional bank financing then try owner financing as many do not even perform a credit check and allow you to purchase with no qualifying and no credit check and with excellent terms

lease to own charlotte


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